Introducing the designer of the book’s cover image: Buhle Qabaka

The creative and vibrant artwork that features on our cover is the work of young, Graphic Designer,  Buhle Qabaka an extended curriculum student in the Design Foundation at CPUT.  This artwork started in the ECP classroom as a Drawing/Illustration project. Students were required to take ‘funny and expressive’ selfies and then create a pencil drawing. They were then asked to ‘deconstruct’ this drawing and using mixed media give full expression to their creative-self. The end result was this striking, spirited, complex and multilayered creation which so aptly captures the main themes of our book.

Buhle, describes himself as a dedicated student able to harness his creativity in abstract ways, while edging towards the periphery of what is ‘acceptable’ in design. His illustration work also gives expression to his creative and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, where he strives to give the viewer ample opportunities to reinterpret and find their own meaning in his artworks. A humble, calm but persistent person he finds his design and artistic work provides a welcome way for him to give expression of the multiple founts of creativity in his being.


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  1. I’m so proud of my baby brother as a an ALUMNI… BTech Graduate at CPUT…. It brings me great joy to see this… I remember he’s drawings as a 5 year old and how dedicated he was and how he never had the opportunity of doing art as a subject from grade 1 up until grade 12 but he never gave up. Persistence, hardworking and determination…. But not importantly doing what you love leads to success.

    1. How wonderful to hear from you Thandiwe, I was lucky to meet Buhle last Friday – see

      He is such a lovely person and we are very happy that he could be part of our project, through his artwork, which celebrates in many ways the different ways in which ECPs have a positive impact on peoples lives and learning. Thanks for sharing and contributing to our blog.

  2. What an incredible piece of art! It just keeps giving each time I look at it.
    Really interesting to read about the process followed and to actually get to see the artist’s face and original pencil drawing.

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